The strawberry season is now over for this season.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it. Soon this summer we will have vegetables, good corn and pumpkins.


Watch our facebook page or phone message for updates.




The sugaring season is finally here!

Visit our authentic traditional sugar shack and discover the production
process of maple syrup as well as our homemade products. You can
walk through our maple paths, taste maple water from boilers and taste our delicious maple taffy on snow served weekends.

You can get our maple syrup and our products for sale throughout the year.

Sale of equipment for maple syrup production







You can get our maple syrup and products all year long.



 Pure maple syrup

Pure maple butter

Maple caramel

Maple jelly

Pure granulated maple sugar

Pure maple taffy

Pure block of hard sugar

Cone: Taffy and butter, maple butter, maple caramel

Pure maple Leaf

Maple lollipop

Maple candies

Maple green tea

Maple tea

Maple coffee



The best strawberries are the ones you pick yourself. Come enjoy the outdoors, with family or friends. At our farm, U-pick is usually from late June to mid-July. 


Please always check the picking conditions before moving. 819-281-0406 Take note that our fields may be closed due to heavy rain, thunderstorms and / or too much picking to allow ripening.

Price season 2020

Pick your own

 $3.50 / lb

Baskets already picked

2 liters / $14

4 liters / $20

Payment methods





Pick your own will start 8 am

Already picked baskets will be available 

4-liter baskets available for pick-up at a cost of $ 1.00 for future visits to Patry Farm.  

Ample parking


Farm Patry, a family history ...


The sugaring season !


Very young Jean-Pierre Patry accompanied his father and grandfather to the sugar shack located at the Patry farm. It is from those moments that Jean-Pierre has developed a passion for the production of maple syrup. This led him to develop a wide range of products derived from his home made maple syrup. In 1960, Jean-Pierre boiled the sap with a Jutras brand evaporator which his grandfather owned. Then in 1964 he bought a larger evaporator, a Dominion Grimm brand and used it until 1978, the year he obtained the current Waterloo brand oil heated evaporator with dimensions of 6 feet by 12 feet. Before 1978, he tapped 1200 maples to the boiler. In 1978, with the help of his two son, Alain and Daniel, we have installed a collection system of tubing increasing the number of taps to 5000.


Ha, strawberries and raspberries !


In 1960, Jean-Pierre bought a small dairy farm owned by his mother. It is early spring 1963 Jean-Pierre and his wife Jeannine start a new project: the production of strawberries. That year, they transplanted seedlings of 1000 Redcoat. Over the years, they have increased the number of acres in order to meet the ever increasing demand. To satisfy customers, they have tried several strawberry varieties. For several years, customers bought baskets of strawberries already picked. It was during the 70s that picking strawberries and raspberries grew. Today the majority of the production of strawberries and raspberries has converted to the "pick your own". The current field size is approximately 15 acres of strawberries and 10 acres of raspberries. In 2013, Patry Farm continues to welcome people from here and elsewhere and invite them to spend pleasurable moments at their farm.

And the story continues...

In 2014, his son Daniel, who takes over. This passion was transmitted to him by his father Jean-Pierre. With his wife and children, it will ensure the continuity of the family farm. It is with great pleasure that they will serve, season after season, for générations.



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